Current Research Projects

At any time, there are many funded research projects. These often get aggregated into (larger) current research projects. Some of these current research projects are open for hiring. Check them out!

JValue Open Data Service

The JValue Open Data Service (ODS) wants to make it easy, safe, and reliable to use open data in business applications (apps and analyses, i.e. data science).

Check it out on Github at!

We are hiring! (You should be a competent software developer)

Open Source Robotics Distribution

This yet-to-be-named project wants to make using open source distributions (Linux, Robotics, etc.) easy, safe, and reliable. Specifically, we want to enable supply chain security of open source software, including build, install, and update services.

No public website yet.

We are hiring! (You should be a competent open source developer)

QDAcity Scientific Tooling

The QDAcity service wants to make learning, teaching, and performing qualitative data analysis easy and enjoyable.

Check it out on the web at!

We may be hiring if you are into research methods.

User-led Open Source Consortia

The ULC project seeks to build and validate a theory of user-led open source consortia (foundations). These foundation are created and led by users of the open source software being developed (i.e. not by software vendors).

Check out our publications!

We may be hiring if you are into open source foundations.

Commercial Open Source

In our research on commercial open source, we develop theories and practices of how commercial open source companies are run. It ties in nicely and complements Prof. Riehle’s engagement with startups.

Check out our publications!

We may be hiring if you bring business experience to the table.

The Handbook Method

The handbook method is a new derived research method which lets the researcher present their theory in the form of a handbook, so that transfer to industry (and paid projects) are made easiy.

Check out our publications!

This is my (Prof. Riehle’s) pet project and I would love to find a competent person interested in research methods. You probably (not necessarily) are a Postdoc already. But this will be worth your while and career-making!

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