Course Registration

To properly register for our courses, two steps are necessary:

  1. In the beginning of each semester, students register informally for our courses via StudOn. Depending on the course, the course description might specify additional activities, e.g. taking a course entry questionaire.
  2. During a specified time frame (“Prüfungsanmeldungszeitraum”), students register formally and bindingly (“Prüfungsanmeldung”) for each module exam they want to take.

You must perform the formal registration via MeinCampus if you want to receive a grade for partaking in our courses. We do not hand out certificates (“Benoteter Schein”) unless there is a truly exceptional reason to do so.

If you can’t register for a course in the way you want using MeinCampus, but your degree program allows for it, please send email to using the English language and include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your degree program (e.g. computer science)
  • Your desired degree (e.g. Master of Science)
  • The semester you were enrolled (e.g. summer semester 1993)
  • The module you want to register for (e.g. PROD-VUE+PROJ)
  • For degree program module you want to register (e.g. Seminar, Wahlpflicht, Projekt, …)
  • Information on whether you were registered and/or failed the course in a past semester
  • The problem you are encountering
  • Other information your deem important
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