The implementation of the HDDiff algorithm is available on GitHub.

Please see GitHub for a description of how to build and run the HDDiff Performance Suite: HDDiff PerfSuite on GitHub.


The source code is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) Version 3 (also see POM files and source code headers).

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Maven Artifacs

The [VERSION] placeholders in the maven excerpts have to be replaced by a proper version number (or range).

  • de.fau.cs.osr.hddiff:hddiff
    This library implements the core HDDiff algorithm. To apply the algorithm to a specific type of document you have to write an adapter (see de.fau.cs.osr.hddiff:hddiff-wom-adapter).Click for a list of available versions.
  • de.fau.cs.osr.hddiff:hddiff-wom-adapter
    This library implements an HDDiff adapter for documents represented by the Wiki Object Model (WOM).Click for a list of available versions.


Contribute to Sweble Wikitext Components applies to this software as well.


Please contact Hannes Dohrn with questions regarding this software.

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