Contribute to Sweble Wikitext Components

We welcome contributions to the Sweble Wikitext project!

Please get in touch with us if you would like to submit a patch and read the sections on our licenses and the contributor agreement we require.


See our licenses page for component specific details.

  • For source code: Apache License 2.0 or AGPL v3.
  • For all other texts and artifacts: Creative Commons BY-­NC-­SA 3.0
  • For all artifacts: SUN Contributor Agreement

Contributor Agreement

The projects developed by the Open Source Research Group at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg are intended to be

Open Source and Sustainable.

However, there are threats to these goals:

  • A contributor withdraws permission post­ facto.
  • The project needs to change license at a later point.
  • A patent infringement lawsuit is filed against project users.

Our answer to these threats is the use of a Contributor License Agreement which

  • ensures the use of an Open Source License,
  • allows for Later License Change and
  • provides a Full Patent Grant.

If you want to make a contribution please download the Contributor Agreement used by the OSR Group, complete and sign the form, then scan and email a pdf file to You may also send the signed form by facsimile to the OSR Group at +49 9131 85 20321.

Contributor Agreement FAQ

The answers in the FAQ section are not authoritative. Only the wording of our Contributor Agreement applies.

  • F: Do I loose any rights?
    A: No, you’re granting us some of your rights, but that doesn’t take away these rights from you.
  • F: Is this common practice?
    A: Yes, practically all foundations (Apache, Eclipse, FSF, …) but also companies involved with Open Source (IBM, Red Hat, MySQL, …) require Contributor Agreements.
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