Simple Sweble Wikitext Parser Example

Get started with a simple parser example in the Eclipse IDE (for Java Developers, we used the “Oxygen” release):

  • Download the Eclipse IDE.
  • Install and start Eclipse.
  • Choose a location for your Eclipse workspace.
  • Open a terminal and change to the Eclipse workspace directory you chose in the previous step.
  • Go to GitHub and copy the git repository URL. Clone our git repository into your Eclipse workspace directory:
    git clone
  • In Eclipse, choose “Import” from the “File” menu and type “maven” in the search field, then select “Existing Maven Projects”.
  • Choose “…/eclipse-workspace/sweble-wikitext/sweble-wikitext-components-parent/swc-example-basic” as the root directory. Do not choose one of the parent directories. Technically this is possible but you would have to install additional Eclipse plugins. Otherwise Eclipse will not be able to properly compile the other maven modules in the repository.
  • There should be one project in the “Projects” list called “swc-example-basic”. Click “Finish”.
  • Copy the file src/test/resources/Simple_Page.wikitext into the top level directory of the swc-example-basic project (alongside the file pom.xml).
  • Select “Run” from the “Run” menu and create a new “Java Application” with main class “org.sweble.wikitext.example.App”.
  • Set “Program Arguments” in the “Arguments” tab to “Simple_Page” (no file extension).
  • Click “Run”.
  • There should now be a file called “Simple_Page.html” alongside “Simple_Page.wikitext” (pressing F5 may be required to update the “Package Explorer”).
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg