Giving a Guest Talk

Thank you for your interest in giving a guest talk in one of our courses or at the university in general!

You are in good company: We have a long standing history of guest talks. Details of these talks are available through the Event and Talk Announcements and (sometimes) the Event and Talk Reports categories.

Unless noted otherwise, a guest talk needs to fit into a course lecture slot during the semester’s teaching time. A lecture slot always takes 90 minutes, and the duration of your talk within that slot could (usually) be 60 minutes or the full 90 minutes.

A regular guest talk can only take place when the course is being taught, which are specific days of the week and hours of the day during a semester’s teaching time. We have tried to keep our courses at the same time over the years. The following table provides these times.

CourseDay of weekCourse start timeGuest talk timeDuration
ADAPMondays13:0014:0060 or 90 min.
AMOSWednesdays10:1510:1590 min.
COACHTuesdays16:1516:4560 min.
NYTMondays13:0014:0060 or 90 min.
Courses, their teaching times, and the availability of guest speaker slots

The teaching time of the winter semester starts mid October and ends in early February. The teaching time of the summer semester starts mid April and ends mid July. Click on the course shorthand (leftmost column above, e.g. ADAP, AMOS, …) to learn whether the course is being taught in the current or upcoming semester.

On the Schedule tab of the course organizational spreadsheet you can also see other guest speakers in the semester and which slots are still available, if any. Feel free to approach us with as specific a suggestion as you like!

When you are ready, please send email to, thank you!