The AMOS Project

The AMOS Project is our flagship course on how to develop real software from real requirements. An industry partner provides a project idea and the requirements. Students form teams of 7-8 people and work closely with the industry partner to turn the requirements into open source software. The course runs for a whole teaching term (3 months) and students release software in weekly increments (sprint size = one week). We develop software using distributed Scrum, in winter (Oct-Feb) and summer (Apr-Jul). Students are mostly computer science (Informatik) students in a Master degree program and haul from Univ. Erlangen and TU Berlin, mostly.

To get a first idea, industry partners can listen in on an AMOS demo day, the final day of the project where all student teams present their work. If you just missed it, you can also watch 3min. AMOS project reports. Our blog also provides a history of projects descriptions.

Projects are not restricted to a specific domain: We’ve had everything from financial services to robotics, from mobile apps to embedded systems, from Javascript to Python. Projects should be realistic and fit into what a student team of 7-8 people can achieve in 3 months. You can find past projects results on GitHub.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with Prof. Riehle.

Industry partners

These are current and past industry partners. Some have sponsored more than ten projects!