Thesis Deliverables

For each thesis, we need these things:

  1. All registration paperwork in order.
  2. One bound physical copy of the thesis for Prof. Riehle; the Prüfungsamt may need more copies.
  3. Please send to
    1. All data and files that are not in a code repository in electronic form, provided as a zip file.
    2. A PDF for web-publishing; student theses are blogged in the finished-theses category.
  4. Theses of the type “teaching case” also need to include a sign-off from the interview subject.

The style of a student thesis should conform to our general rules for structure and layout of final thesis. Also, students sometimes wonder about the “wissenschaftlicher Anspruch” (scientific aspiration) of a final thesis.

Different types of theses have different requirements:

Additional useful materials are being collected in this Drive folder.