Information Needed From Guest Speakers

We pride ourselves in the quality of our academic and industry speakers, and we wish that they be received by as broad an audience as possible. To aid this, we ask speakers for the following information, from which we create posters and flyers to advertise the talk. Please provide this information to us by email and in English.

Speaker information

  • Speaker name, title
  • Speaker affiliation
  • FAU alumna/us, if so
  • Short bio (100 words)
  • Speaker photo, if acceptable

Talk information

  • Talk title (preferably short)
  • Talk abstract (about 100 words)
  • Talk language (German or English)

Visual information

  • A photo illustrating the topic, if available

Video recording

If at FAU, a video recording may be possible. Please let us know, if you want to be recorded. If so, you have sign this consent form.