Funded Research Projects

See also a research-agenda-based overview of our research.

Fundraising record

StartDurationSource / FunderTopic
2024-0118 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeInner source platform development
2023-0336 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeCreating user-led open source consortia
2023-0118 mthsBMBF SoftwarecampusOpen collaborative data engineering
2023-0118 mthsBMBF SoftwarecampusInner source transfer pricing
2022-1130 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeRequirements specifications using QDA
2022-1112 mthsBMDV mFUND FL1A language for data engineering
2021-0730 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeInner source management accounting continued
2021-0436 mthsDFG SachbehilfeIndustry best practices of microservices integration
2021-0424 mthsBMBF SoftwarecampusMicroservices integration
2021-0424 mthsBMBF SoftwarecampusTraceable requirements
2019-1024 mthsBMWi ZIM-KOOPMachine learning a bill-of-materials
2019-0436 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeOpen source community management
2019-0336 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeDomain modeling using QDA
2018-1030 mthsBMWi EXIST ForschungstransferSweble
2018-0624 mthsBMBF SoftwarecampusSoftware supply chain management
2018-041 mthsUnnamed companyOpen source governance
2017-1036 mthsDFG SachbeihilfeInner source management accounting
2016-1036 mthsUnnamed companyInner source governance
2016-1036 mthsBMWiNetzDatenStrom (open data for the smart grid)
2016-1036 mthsUnnamed companyOpen source governance
2016-0442 mthsUnnamed companyInner source governance
2016-0442 mthsUnnamed companyInner source governance
2016-04DFG WAPNo name
2015-103 mthsUnnamed companyInner source assessment
2014-0136 mthsUnnamed companyInner source tooling
2013-0436 mthsFAUAusbaustelle (100%)
2013-023 mthsUnnamed companyAgile testing
2013-0112 mthsUnnamed companyEmpirical software analysis
2013-013 mthsUnnamed companyAgile testing
2012-103 mthsUnnamed companySoftware engineering trends
2012-0212 mthsGoogleWikitext parser (gift)
2011-103 mthsUnnamed companyOpen source business models
2011-083 mthsUnnamed companyOpen source in the automotive industry
2010-1236 mthsNovell (Suse)Open source research (gift)
2010-0112 mthsRed HatOpen source research (gift)

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