Startup Support

We support high-tech startups that are not Bachelor or Master student startups. We welcome you, if you have at least a Master’s degree and are looking for coaching and a sponsor (by way of public grants) of your startup. We also welcome you if you first want to get a Ph.D. to perform the research that leads to the startup.

Our sweet spot are software (as a service) startups born out of practice-oriented research. The research may either have happened with us (i.e. you are a Ph.D. student of ours) or you may come in from the outside, either from FAU, a different university, or even from abroad. If accepted, Prof. Riehle will coach you and work with you to acquire public grants for initial funding. In Germany, these grants can be substantial.

The following 5min. video explains Prof. Riehle’s philosophy.

If you would like to understand opportunities in public funding better, you may like Prof. Riehle’s summary.

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