We predominantly perform software engineering research and secondarily information systems research.

Our research is team-based. The main projects are:

  1. JValue. Making open data easy, safe, and reliable to use.
  2. MecoIS (Inner Source). Quantifying the corporation.
  3. QDAcity. Making qualitative data analysis easy for everyone.


MissionMake open data easy, safe, and reliable to use
ContentA domain-specific language for data engineering
A collaboration hub for open collaborative data engineering
A pipeline infrastructure for operating data pipelines at scale
PeopleHeltweg, Quast, Schwarz, Riehle
FundersBMBF-SWC2: Open collaborative data engineering
BMDV-mFUND: A language for data engineering
DFG-SB: Industry best practices of microservices integration
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MissionQuantify the corporation for better evidence-based decision making
ContentA solution to the transfer pricing problem of high-frequency global collaboration
An accounting model of engineering events
A new productivity metric
PeopleBuchner, Hirsch, Wolter, Riehle
FundersBMBF-SWC2: Inner source transfer pricing
DFG-SB: Inner source management accounting continued
DFG-SB: Inner source management accounting
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MissionMake qualitative data analysis easy for everyone
ContentAn approach to creating high-quality requirements using qualitative data analysis
A solution to the pre-RS traceability challenge
A solution to scale qualitative data analysis in teaching
PeopleKaufmann, Lehrhuber, Mucha, Riehle
FundersDFG-SB: Requirements specifications using QDA
BMBF-SWC2: Traceable requirements
DFG-SB: Domain modeling using QDA
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Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our other projects

  1. User-led open source consortia. The name is the program.
  2. SCA Tool Serv. Making it easy to clean up legal engineering debt.
  3. ROS distro. Providing a minimal and reliable ROS 2 distribution.

You can also get a general funding overview at funded research projects.

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