Startup Pitch

We (mostly Prof. Riehle) are being overwhelmed with requests for feedback. So we created a structured way for interested student teams to receive that feedback in an efficient way. We ask that you prepare a fund raising pitch as you would prepare one when trying to raise venture capital (VC). We then provide you with the opportunity to pitch in our colloquium, like you would pitch to a VC. The only difference is that we allow for 25min for the pitch, followed by 20min of Q&A and feedback on your presentation.

Such a pitch should cover all important parts of a business plan: Product and market, competition, roadmap and financing needs, team, etc. There are many good business plan templates to learn from, for example the EXIST Gründerstipendium template, which students may want to use for a public financing round anyway. We also recommend that students watch Youtube videos on successful fund raising pitches and practice their pitch before they come to us. It is true that there is no risk of failing with us but we want student teams to take our time serious too.

Once you decided you want to pitch in our colloquium, please send email to and ask for a slot. Sometimes startups thank us by providing a testimonial. We are happy to have helped!

After the pitch, you can decide whether you want to participate in our Startupinformatik program.