Step 1: Course Work

In addition to general business and entrepreneurial skills, which students either bring themselves or can learn at FAU’s business school, we teach the skills relevant for software product startups. Specifically, students should take the following path through our curriculum, depending on the role they intend to play in the startup:

  • Everyone. Everyone should take TEAM, our course on high-performance teamwork. (Right now, TEAM is only a workshop held shortly before AMOS but we are working on making it a full fledged 5 ECTS course and a Schlüsselqualifikation at FAU.)
  • Product manager. After taking TEAM, students aiming for a product manager role should take PROD and AMOS to learn about strategic and technical software product management. Both courses are hands-on and project based.
  • Software developer. After taking TEAM, students aiming for a developer role should take AMOS and AMSE to develop their agile methods skill. They should also have taken ADAP and can take some other programming courses as well.

More information about the courses is available at the teaching overview pages.