Step 2: Team and Idea

Key to a successful startup is the team. Teams form either by friendships or around a particular topic. As a consequence, student teams can join Startupinformatik right away, or students can use Startupinformatik to find and found their team.

If a student joins without a team, we recommend they be on the lookout for other students to join forces with. The Startupinformatik curriculum provides ample opportunity for meeting other students and work with them on projects.

If a team forms, but there is no product idea yet, Startupinformatik provides plenty of opportunities to find worthwile business ideas. Specifically AMOS has been set-up to bring students in touch with industry and hence potential customers.

Startup work kicks into full gear during or after AMOS when student teams have formed and ideas have been found. We support the use of student Master theses to work on both the business and the engineering side of a software startup.

Prof. Riehle will be guiding and discussing business opportunities with student teams along their way.