Contributor Agreement

A contributor agreement is an agreement (contract) between a student and the university in which the student grants the university non-exclusive usage rights (as spelled out in the document itself). Any student who would like us to integrate their work into ours has to grant us these rights, or we won’t be able to carry out the integration work.

The Open Source Research Group uses a modified version of the SUN Contributor Agreement v1.5. Please create a pre-filled copy of the contributor agreement by completing the following form:

After submitting the form you will receive an email with a PDF (the contributor agreement). At the very bottom you need to sign it, and deliver it to us as original. Either in person, by throwing it into our mailbox on campus, or by delivering it to our secretaries, or by sending it in via postal mail.

When you print the contributor agreement, we require that you print both sides, not just the back side. Also, we need an original, not just a scan by email. Thank you!