Exam Registration Problems

Exam (course) registration

To properly register for the exams of our courses, two steps are necessary:

  1. Students register informally for our courses using a course management system, e.g. StudOn. Depending on the course, the course description might specify additional activities, e.g. taking a course entry questionnaire.
  2. During a specified time frame (“Prüfungsanmeldungszeitraum”), students register formally and bindingly (“Prüfungsanmeldung”) for each module they want to receive a grade for. FAU students use campo for this.

You must perform the formal registration via FAU’s campo system if you want to receive a grade for partaking in our courses. We do not hand out certificates (“Benoteter Schein”) unless there is a truly exceptional reason to do so.

Please note that most of our courses do not have a single final (oral or written) exam. Rather, we perform ongoing examination of your work by way of homework, class contribution, project contribution, etc. The details are spelled out in the course description and in the slide deck A01.

Problems with exam registration

If you can’t register for an exam / course in the way you want using campo, but your degree program allows for it, please fill out this form providing us the necessary debugging information. We will automatically be informed about your submission.

If a week has passed and you haven’t heard from us, you can inquire about the state of your problem by sending email to teaching-admin@group.riehle.org. Please use English when writing the email.

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