PROJ (Informatics Master Project)

The computer science (informatics) Master degree program offers a 10 ECTS project course, in which one or more students can carry out any project agreed upon with a professor.

We offer these projects to any interested and capable student. You can come as a single person or as a team. Topics are open and negotiable (but we need to like them). Project topics we like will relate to our research or available final thesis topics. Also, we may have posted some ideas on our blog or on UnivIS.

If you are interested to do something larger, we can combine PROJ (the 10 ECTS Master project) with AMSE (our 5 ECTS course on continuous software engineering) and a Master thesis.

To initiate contact, please send email to PROJ-TEAM or to the wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter:in you are interested in working with directly. If you haven’t talked to us beforehand, please add a short description of your interests.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg