OSR Group Engages in German OpenSAGA Project

OpenSAGA is an open source implementation of the German eGovernment standard SAGA (Standards und Architekturen für E-Government-Anwendungen). It is due to be launched May 1st, 2010. The project was initiated by the Dortmund-based software vendor and project house Quinscape GmbH and their partner Balvi GmbH.

Prof. Riehle has joined the scientific advisory board of the OpenSAGA project, expecting to aid in strategic decision making on future development of the project. The hope (and challenge!) is to lead the project to provide steady revenue streams to the involved software firms, to create an appropriate return on investment to its founders, and to evolve into community open source that helps other firms, German local governments, and the overall German society produce better and more innovative eGovernment software faster.

Please see here for the OpenSAGA projects scientific advisory board. Also, here is the Quinscape press announcement and here is the Firmenpresse announcement.