Industry Speakers WS 2009/10, SS 2010, WS 2010/11

A bit belated, but here a list of industry speakers who enriched the Open Source Research Group teaching in its first three semesters:

  • Martin Lippert (then) of IT-Agile on “Agile Software Architecture” (PSWT, WS 2009/10)
  • Christof Wittig (then) of Servo Software on “The db4o Business Plan” (FIRM, SS 2010)
  • Linda Rising (independent) on “Software Project Retrospectives” (AMOS, SS 2010)
  • Susanne Oberhauser of SUSE/Novell on “Open Source Distributors” (AMOS, SS 2010)
  • Wolfgang Mauerer of Siemens (CT) on “Statistics Primer” (NYT, WS 2010/11)

Our thanks go out to all of you who enriched our teaching!