Congratulations to segFAUlt for Winning the GCPC 2011

FAU’s segFAUlt team won the German Collegiate Programming Contest (2011) last weekend. Congratulations to the team coached by Tobias Werth! Also, three more FAU teams scored seats among the top ten of 43 contenders. This is the third year in a row that FAU beat the so-called “elite” universities like Munich (TUM) or Karlsruhe (KIT) in this year’s German and prior year’s European programming contests. Werth attributes this to continuity and coaching, next to the raw intelligence of his teams. This win follows on the heels of a Silver medal at the final world-wide Intercollegiate Programming Contest (in German) held in Florida earlier this year. Winning the German contest is the first step for this year’s teams on their way to next year’s world championship. Go, FAU!! And congratulations again!