FAU Start-up Mydosis Seeking Cofounder or Employee #1

Mydosis, a FAU student start-up that recently received seed stage funding, is looking for an additional co-founder or employee #1. We are looking for a student and/or experienced Java software developer to help us take http://mydosis.de to the next stage. Mydosis is a community portal for pediatric dosage information. If a Medical Doctor (M.D.) prescribes a drug to an infant today, in 90% of all cases, this drug will not have been approved for infants nor is there validated information provided by the drug makers. Basically, M.D.s are left to their own devices, and the Mydosis community portal, operating on the Wiki(pedia) principle is its first and one-stop shop for self-help. (The Mydosis blog has more information, and we also posted here about it (in German). More on the business model as we engage.) We are looking for a technical person to help develop the company software further. You can join the founding team as a co-founder and receive a salary or be paid in equity. Other models are possible too. We are interested in capable technical people and compensation will be commensurate with your energy and experience (FAU students are welcome). If you are interested, please contact Markus Stipp (project leader) or Dirk Riehle (scientific advisor).