FAU in Top Third of German Entrepreneurship Ranking

The chair of Geograhpy studies at LMU published an entrepreneurship ranking of German universities, see this PDF. FAU’s total score is in the top third, place 21, up from place 34 two years earlier. I’m not entirely sure how to interpret it, but one thing about FAU stands out: On the dimension of Entrepreneurship education, it scores bottom third, hurting its overall score.

I’m not sure this is a fair assessment, or maybe if it is, the question of why needs to be asked. That the recent EXIST IV funding round directed all money to Munich, Bavaria’s capital, rather than some to Nuremberg, Bavaria’s second largest city, is not going to help. But if entrepreneurship education needs improvement, the OSR Group is doing its part. With FIRM, PROD, and AMOS we are offering three entrepreneurship related classes to students.

In particular the AMOS lab course has spawned the Mydosis startup, which recently received seed stage funding of about EUR 100K. We are now working on the successor, Free Seas Ahoy! while still supporting Mydosis. From my (professorial) perspective, the ranking results support my current approach: Rather than trying to be a broad platform for many startups, I’m hands-on with exactly one startup per year.