Upcoming Industry Talk: Product Line Engineering by Christa Schwanninger of Siemens AG

We will host an industry talk (free and open to the public)

  • by: Christa Schwanninger, Siemens AG
  • about: Product Line Engineering
  • on: Dec 19, 2011, 10 Uhr (10am)
  • at: Rm 04.150, Martensstr. 3 (“blaues Hochhaus”)

Abstract: Most products and solutions in industry are not built from scratch but reuse assets they share with a family of similar products. This is done to achieve some economic benefit, e.g. save cost, shorten time to market or ensure compatibility between products of a family. Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a common approach to address a business with a family of related software products. Instead of having separated development projects for each product in the family, products are built using a shared set of core assets, such as reference architectures and common infrastructure and domain-specific components. In PLE business considerations heavily shape architecture decisions. This talk introduces Product Line Engineering and describes the effect of business and scoping decisions on architecture decisions.

Speaker: Christa Schwanninger is working as a System Architect at Siemens AG, Drive Technologies in Erlangen, and is responsible for implementing product line engineering techniques for several platforms. Until recently she worked for Siemens Corporate Technology as a researcher and consultant for software architecture topics for more than 14 years. She was actively involved in the development of systems for the telecommunication, automotive, automation and medical engineering domain. She led a team of researchers and consultants responsible for product line engineering, system architecture and architecture reviews and still coordinates a Siemens wide PLE community. Christa has given tutorials and presentations on patterns, aspect-oriented software development and product lines within Siemens and externally at conferences like OOP and OOPSLA.