AMOS and PROD Filling Up Fast; Please Take Survey

If you intend to take AMOS in SS 2012 please take this survey. It will remain open until the last week before the semester starts.

Please register for AMOS or PROD on StudOn as soon as possible. Both classes are oversubscribed. If you got “wait-listed” it doesn’t mean you won’t get in. We will make a selection based on team formation and not on who came first. But first, we’ll try to take more students. The main issue is (mostly) not a limit in the number of students that we can take, but a limit in the size of the available room. Last year, students had to sit on beer benches, and that’s not really acceptable.

For AMOS, we need to know which role you want to play. Is it a 5 ECTS Product Manager (Scrum: Product Owner) or a 10 ECTS Software Developer (Scrum: Team Member) role? For this, please fill out this survey and let us know your email address at the end.