Sweble 1.1.0 released

Sweble 1.1.0 fixes some bugs and introduces a couple of new features/modules. For a full list of changes please refer to the changes reports of the individual modules. The release can be found on maven central. Jars with dependencies will soon be available from our downloads page.

Fixed bugs (excerpt contains only bugs filed in our bug tracker):

  • Can not parse image block with nested internal link. Fixes 9.
  • The LinkTargetParser is now decoding XML references and URL encoded entities (%xx) before checking titles for validity. Fixes 10.
  • Tests fail under Windows due to encoding and path separator differences. Fixes 11.
  • mvn license:check fails under Windows. Fixes 12.
  • LazyRatsParser.java: type parameters of <T>T cannot be determined. Fixes 13.
  • NPE on Spanish wikipedia dump. Fixes 14.
  • Template expansion does not expand anonymous parameters correctly Fixes 18.

Notable new features/modules (excerpt):

  • Added submodule ptk-json-tools: Library for serializing and deserializing ASTs to JSON and back.
  • Added submodule ptk-xml-tools: Library for serializing and deserializing ASTs to XML and back.
  • Added submodule swc-article-cruncher: A framework for processing Wikitext pages spreading the work over multiple processors.
  • Added submodule swc-dumpreader: A library for reading Wikipedia XML dumps.
  • Added submodule swc-example-basic: Example demonstrating parsing of an article and conversion to HTML.
  • Added submodule swc-example-serialization: Example demonstrating the serialization and deserialization of ASTs to JSON, XML and native Java object streams.
  • Added submodule swc-example-xpath: Example demonstrating XPath queries in ASTs.