Writing your Final Thesis with the OSR Group

We are happy to facilitate your (student) final thesis. There are basically three main options:

  • a research thesis
  • a startup thesis
  • an industry thesis

Let’s look at these options in turn.

Research Thesis

FAU is a research university and it relies on you to carry the flame. Writing a research-oriented thesis with us will bring you to the leading edge of computer science and information systems research, sometimes straddling boundaries with other engineering sciences, the natural sciences, economics, sociology, and psychology. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhausting, but always exciting work that you won’t forget for the rest of your professional life. You can learn more about current open research theses at osr.cs.fau.de/fun (you need to be logged in to StudOn to see those). The theses listed there are only a small sample and we’ll be happy to tailor a thesis to your interests. Feel free to talk to us about your interests in software engineering in general and open source in particular.

Startup Thesis

The OSR Group (and the university) is highly interested in helping students create startups. We do this with the help of the AMOS lab course, but are happy to help anyone who is interested in creating or joining a startup. A first example is the AMOS 2010 project, Netdosis (formerly Mydosis), and a second example is right on its heels (Free Seas Ahoy!). We are happy to channel innovative programming and innovative business thinking through your final thesis into a startup. We have the experience, resources, and network to help you succeed.

Industry Thesis

First, a word of advice: The job market is good for computer science and information systems students. Most of you have the freedom to choose a thesis without having to worry about a job afterwards. There is no need to marry yourself to an established company early on because you worry you might not get a job later. So we recommend you try research or a startup first. You will forever remember your research work or startup experience, even if you decide to move on to an established company after that experience.

That said, the OSR Group has wide-ranging ties to local (and beyond) industry. Be it small companies like Nuveon or Hallo Welt!, medium-size companies like Elektrobit or DATEV, or large companies like Siemens or Bosch, we can help you find your dream collaboration with industry. Let us know what you are looking for (small, medium, or large company; technical or managerial work; consulting or product development; local or elsewhere), and we might make it happen.