General Course Grading Guidelines

Most of our courses are graded following a simple pattern as described below. (If a link from a module description in UnivIS led you to this page then that module will be graded according to these rules.)

Most courses require contributions in class as well as work outside of class (self-study, homework). Class contributions are typically contributions to on-going class discussions, see [1], [2], [3]. Self-study either leads to class contributions and is assessed this way or leads to homework assignments, graded separately.

Both parts are combined commensurate with the time effort spent on them. For example, a 4 SWS / 5 ECTS course has a total work effort of 5 ECTS = 5 * 30h = 150h, where 4 * 15h = 60h count as class presence, while the remainder of 150h – 60h = 90h count as self-study. Thus, 40% of your grade accrues to your class contribution, and 60% accrues to the results of self-study.