Internship Position with SAP Research

SAP, one of our industry partners, is looking to fill an internship position in the U.S.A. or Canada. (This is a paid position though at this time it is unclear whether you can use this for a final thesis.) More information below. Contact them directly or through Prof. Riehle.

Position Details

  • Position Title Intern
  • Location Burlington, MA (US) or Montreal QC (CA)
  • Expected Start Date 1 Jan 2012
  • Expected End Date 1 July 2012

Purpose & Objective of Position

Prototyping new business applications in a Web/Cloud environment to test new middleware and tools.

Expectations & Tasks

SAP is the world’s largest supplier of enterprise management software and employs about 400 persons in SAP Labs Canada in Montreal. The Lab hosts a Research group responsible for researching new technologies, as well as designing and assembling prototypes of a variety of enterprise applications with an emphasis on Mobility and web technologies: mobile access, sensor networks, new Web technologies in a mobile setting, etc. The position is also available to candidates who want to work in the Boston area where we have two sites: Burlington, MA and Cambridge, MA. The project: Web2.0-based Cloud Development

This position is to join a small team of interns that work in the latest artificial intelligence, natural language processing and “big data” technology. Currently the group is building a natural language question-and-answer system using machine learning techniques to answer business questions. Most of the programming and much of the design is done by the intern staff supervised by one full time senior staff member. This includes:

  • Programming a NLP system using OSS components
  • Working with machine leaning concepts, particularly neural nets
  • Working standard software system components such as servers, databases, etc.
  • Standard development process such as documenting work, participating in daily scrum sessions, etc.

This project requires a high level of participation from team members because we building real working software albeit for research purposes. The team will be located in our Montreal office and hosted by SAP Research Montreal.

Skills / Competencies

  • Ability to write software programs with little or no supervision
  • Understanding of software system development
  • Ability to quickly assimilate NLP and ML technology
  • Knowledge of Java and/or Python programming or similar, Python preferred
  • Plus: familiarity with machine learning AI technology
  • Plus: familiarity with computational linguistics / natural language processing

Educational Requirements (degrees, class completion, etc.)

  • Undergraduate, New graduate, or Master student
  • Software Engineering, Computer Science, Usability/Interface Design


Internship for Undergrads, Research project for Master students