Final Thesis: Why and How to Forge Open Source Alliances

Abstract: It is well known that open source software brought changes to the software development domain. It changed the paradigm from payed developers working in offices to people developing geographically separated, including basements, garages, etc. Even the innovation factor of organizations changed to open innovation, intensively including customers or consumers. This work pretends to further analyze the changes Open Source brought along concerning to alliances. It intends to determine the ways or channels through which Single–Vendor Commercial Open Source firms meet partners in order to set a formal cooperation. To distinguish channels, the researcher first examined a set of interview transcripts. Based on the transcripts analysis, certain channels are identified. To validate the use of those channels, interviews with Open–Source based companies are accomplished. During the interview process, some other channels are identified. Results obtained from this study contribute to the understanding how Open Source modified the approaches companies use to get to know partners.

Keywords: Open source software, software industry, commercial open source, single-vendor open source, strategic alliances, business partners

PDFs: Master Thesis, Work Description

Reference: Cecilia La Fuente. Why and How to Forge Open Source Alliances. Master Thesis, Friedrich Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2013.