Announcing Our Research Group Colloquium

From the UnivIS description:

Software researchers, practitioners, and students need to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in software engineering. Our colloquium helps us achieve just this. As part of the colloquium, we will

  • watch best-of videos by researchers and practitioners
  • perform dry-runs of upcoming conference presentations
  • listen to guest speakers from research and industry
  • have students perform their final thesis presentation

Everyone is welcome. Videos and talks tend to be broader rather than deeper, drawing on the full breadth of software engineering and beyond. Student presentations and dry-runs take 30min + 15min Q&A.

The current schedule of talks is here: (watch out for the correct semester tab).

The colloquium is where the group shows its super powers. In the photo below, please see a group member demonstrate his hovering abilities.

And, yes, this is not exactly a new announcement. The colloquium has been around for a while…