PSWT Oral Exam Dates WS 2013/14

The oral exam dates for the coming winter semester 2013/14 are:

  • Wed, 12.02.14 (first week of semester break)
  • Wed, 02.04.14 (last week of semester break)

To receive an exam slot, you need to do two things:

  1. register with Fariba Bensing, our secretary (email is sufficient); please provide the following information:
    • the module you want to be examined about
    • the preferred language (English or German) for the exam
    • the preferred date of the oral examination
    • examiner of previous exam, if failed, so we can assign a different one
  2. register on MeinCampus

Fields of study are INF-BA, INF-MA, WINF (BA), IIS (=WINF MA), etc. where BA = Bachelor and MA = Master. Fail to provide the correct module name and you may end up in the wrong exam. (We are serious.)

If we don’t find you on MeinCampus the week of the exams, you will loose your exam slot.

If you cannot register on MeinCampus for whatever reason, you will have to visit Ms. Bensing and provide the information provided above in person. You will also have to provide personal ID and student ID.

The exact time of the day will be provided to you by email after the withdrawal deadline has passed (three days before the exam, typically). If you do not receive such an email, please inquire directly with our secretary.