Black Duck Software to Sponsor Research on Inner Source

We are happy to announce that Black Duck Software, a provider of open source governance and related software development tools, has entered into a three-year research and development contract with our research group and will be sponsoring research into inner source, a hot upcoming software engineering research topic.

Black Duck (BDS) has been a long-term collaborator of ours and we have sent computer science students to Boston, where BDS is headquartered. If you are a student and are interested in performing a practical (internship) or your Master thesis with us at Black Duck in Boston, please let us know.

About Black Duck (from their website): “Helping Developers Build Better Software Faster with the Power of Open Source. At Black Duck, we believe the future of software development relies on the effective and informed use of open source technologies and methods. We are dedicated to helping our customers increase their strategic use of open source, while simultaneously strengthening and collaborating with the greater community. […]”