China: Experience, Travelling, Working and Research

Would you like to get inspired by Master student Bilal Zaghloul? Then read his fascinating report about his Master Thesis work in Beijing, China!

“When it came to my mind to travel to China…”, Bilal writes, “…I had a little idea about the life in China. However, I knew that China is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, particularly in the software industry. Therefore, it appeared to me like a good idea to spend a few months there, so I can get to know more about the country and the culture. Immediately after we (Prof. Riehle, Prof. Zhou, and me) agreed on a research topic, I started my preparation for traveling (e.g. Visa). As travel got closer, I started to wonder about traveling to China. Some doubts came to my mind: ‘I have no idea about the life in Beijing‘, and  ‘I know nothing about the Chinese language‘. In this report, I want to share with you some important notes of my six-months experience in China.”

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