Announcing the 2014 AMOS Projects!

Update 2014-03-14: Click here for Poster!

We are happy to announce the following projects for the upcoming AMOS 5/10 ECTS project (Informatik Praktikum/Projekt).

Each project idea comes with an industry partner who is providing the high-level requirements. This is an opportunity for students to get in touch with industry while performing 5 or 10 ECTS course work and learning about agile methods.

The projects in more detail:

  1. SAP AG: A race course designer for SAP’s Sailing Analytics web service. The race course designer is to be developed on an Android tablet; it visualizes the course, allows for start, intermediate and end way points, and adds more functionality. See here for more information.
  2. Develop Group GmbH: A cross-platform mobile app for hospitals. Using a cross-platform development toolkit, the app is to run on multiple target platforms and to provide hospital wound management functionality. See here for more information.
  3. SOLYP GmbH: A tablet-based management dashboard application; the dashboard is to provide strategic key business figures about productivity, intellectual property, and business processes at a company; usability is important. See here for more information.
  4. DATEV eG: A web service for routing and map coloring using OpenStreetMap; the web service is to determine the best connection between two points, display it on a map, color neighboring areas properly, and provide additional information. See here for more information.

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