Startup Pitches in KOLL, our Colloquium

We decided to allow for startup pitches in KOLL, our computer science colloquium. KOLL traditionally serves to present student thesis defenses or lets research group members perform dry-runs for upcoming research talks.

Startup pitches are an addition now. The benefits to student startups are two-fold:

  1. Feedback. Student startups receive feedback from our research group as to their business idea.
  2. Recruiting. Student startups meet other entrepreneurial students who might be interested in joining.

Many student startups want to receive EXIST funding. We therefore recommend that the pitch and supporting business plan follow the EXIST guidelines. In general, as part of our Startup-Informatik initiative, we are highly supportive of student startups.

KOLL is open to all entrepreneurial students; you don’t have to be writing a thesis with our group. If you are looking to join a startup, just come by and listen in. See here for the KOLL schedule.