Temporary Office Location in Tennenlohe for Summer 2014

The “blaues Hochhaus” (Martensstr. 3) is getting an overhaul for reasons of fire safety (or current lack thereof). This will take place between July 2014 – October 2014. Floors 5 and up, including our research group, will take temporary office space in Tennenlohe for that time period. Our last effective day (until WS 14/15) at Martensstr. 3 will be July 3rd. Teaching will continue as planned until July 11th.

Our temporary street address in Tennenlohe is “Wetterkreuz 13”. Office phones are supposed to work (with our usual telephone numbers), postal mail will be picked up, and email will work anyway. Please expect a fair bit of home office so if you are coming by, please check in advance that we are available. By early October we are supposed to be back at Martensstr in a sparkling fresh, new, and safe building.