FAU Open For Guest Professors

The FAU including the computer science department welcomes guest professors. We looked into the details and here are key pieces of becoming a guest professor at our department for about 3-6 months. This is open for established professors at other universities looking to have a sabbatical at FAU (and hopefully our group ;-)

  • You will receive a salary on the level of W2 (associate professor level, EUR 4,5K+ per month) or W3 (full professor, EUR 5,4K+ per month) based on your home institution’s classification
  • You have no officially required obligations, but we naturally would like to see you engage in academic activities with us and the university. Ways of doing this are:
    • Teaching a course; can be condensed to 1 or 2 weeks, i.e. does not have to run for a full semester
    • Teaching can be done for Bachelor, Master, or even Ph.D. students—to be discussed
    • Research seminars (teaching to Ph.D. students) or research collaboration (co-supervising students)
  • You are expected to visit for at least three months; six months is appreciated (and only makes sense)

For our own memory, internal links:

  1. https://www.tf.fau.de/intranet/content/gastprofessuren
  2. http://www.uni-erlangen.de/einrichtungen/personalabteilung/handbuch-personal/gastprofessoren/
  3. https://www.fau.de/universitaet/stifter-foerderer/stiftungen/Schirmer-Stiftung/
  4. https://www.fau.de/universitaet/stifter-foerderer/stiftungen/Hofmann-Stiftung/

You’ll need FAU Intranet access to see these links.