Final Thesis: User Experience Design at Immowelt (Teaching Case)

Abstract: Human needs become increasingly more important and technology will be more and more pushed into the background in the future. Thus, User Experience (UX) and in this regard User Experience Design (UXD) become very common in today’s businesses. This also holds for the Immowelt platform. This thesis presents a Harvard Business case study, which casts light on the design of the “Note Taking” feature with respect to User Experience Design. Especially in the spotlight of this study is the balancing act between given stakeholder requirements and good user experience that influenced the design decisions for the “Note Taking” feature. Moreover, the thereby necessary iterations for gathering the user experience in various forms are displayed. The thesis further introduces concepts approached in the case study regarding the involvement of user experience design in the feature design iterations, which range from UXD methods in the development phases to testing forms before and after the launch. At last, a guideline for teaching the case in a student class is provided.

Keywords: User experience design

Reference: Rebecca Reuter. User Experience Design at Immowelt. Bachelor Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2014.