Oral Exams for WS 2014/15 and Onwards

From WS 2014/15 on forward there will be no early announcements of oral exam dates. Mostly this is because PSWT will not use oral exams any longer (but a written exam). As of today, only OOAD (UML) and ARCH will keep utilizing oral exams and these will be handled by the respective lecturers. In the absence of an early announcement, students should assume that the oral exam days will still be the same days as in previous semesters (just not announced as far in advance). These days are the Wednesdays of the first week and the last week of the lecture-free time (a.k.a. “semester break”).

To register for an oral exam, please use our exam registration form. Please note that this form does not free you from registering for the exam in MeinCampus during the official registration period. It only collects your preference for an exam time frame.