OSRG Colloquium for WS 2014/15

In the winter semester we will resume our weekly colloquium starting from the second week of the term (13 October). The colloquium provides an opportunity for students to defend their theses, present start-up pitches, and request feedback on intermediate research results.  There may also be guest lectures and researchers from our group practising for a conference presentation.  The colloquium is held Mondays at 12:15 when a talk is scheduled.  Following the presentation, we host open office hours with coffee and cookies for students with questions about their thesis work.

This term we will initially hold the colloquium at our temporary quarters at Wetterkreuz 13 in Tennenlohe, room 7.  When renovation is complete, we will continue in our usual location, Martensstrasse 3, room 11.150 (blue tower).

The colloquium is mandatory for informatik students working on a bachelor or master’s thesis with us, and optional for other students.  It is recommended that you check the schedule the day before the colloquium to see if anything is scheduled for the week.  When no talk is planned, the colloquium and open office hours are not held.

Students wishing to schedule a talk for the colloquium should contact Ann Barcomb.