If you liked MAD for your Bachelor, you’ll love AMOS for your Master’s Degree

Students: Several students asked us whether they could take AMOS in their Master program even though they had taken MAD for their Bachelor degree. Of course you can take AMOS! They are different courses. Expect AMOS to be the same fun and then some more! AMOS differs from MAD in a couple of key dimensions:

  1. We work with industry partners who bring real-world expertise to the classroom
  2. While projects are provided by industry, you will keep the rights to your work
  3. AMOS is taught in English (your team may choose their own language, e.g. German)

and most importantly:

  1. We choose industry projects and partners with the goal of creating startups!

If you are interested in taking AMOS with the goal of creating your own company after you finish your degree, please let us know in advance. We actively support and guide student startups through our structured Startupinformatik program.