Final Project Presentations in Nailing your Thesis (NYT), our Course on How to Perform Research

Today, students presented the results of the 10 ECTS research project in Nailing your Thesis, our course on how to perform research. Here is the line-up.

  1. Anja Pohan on “The Motivations and Preconditions for Participating in an Open Source Project in an Early Phase”
  2. Michael Dorner on “Validating a Qualitative Model of Inner Source Tool Needs”
  3. Kiran Bonu on “Cohorts Contribution Behavior in Open Source Projects”
  4. Ralf Spengler on “Where is China in Open Source?”
  5. Leonard Hösch on “Using Machine Learning to Find Open Source Software Categories”
  6. Stefan Nottrott on “How to Retain Episodic Volunteers in Open Source?”
  7. Martin Fleckenstein on “Improving Bug Report Quality and Speed Using Automated Usage Reporting”
  8. Sabrina Klett on “Dealing with Information Overload in Information and Communication Technologies”
  9. Christian Siedelmann on “Who Dominates Code Contributions: Frequent or Infrequent Contributors?”
  10. Qufang Fan on “Practices of Commercial Open Source Marketing”

Below, please find some photo impressions.