Startupinformatik Testimonial by Netdosis AG

Netdosis was a successful FAU startup that we helped initiate. Its CEO writes to us:

Netdosis was a software startup that evolved out of the 2010 AMOS Project. Netdosis developed software and a database for drug dosage information for children, a severely underserved market. In 2013 we successfully sold the company to an established vendor. We were the first showcase for Prof. Riehle’s Startupinformatik process. Using his extensive network, he helped form the team and introduced us to business angels for advice and financing. We received EXIST and FLÜGGE funding and Prof. Riehle hosted us at the university. He invested in the company and accompanied us along the way, supporting us in sales and technology strategy, among others.

Markus Stipp, Vorstand (CEO), Netdosis AG

Congratulations, guys, on your successful exit!