Heads-up on Summer 2015 Course Organization

During the upcoming summer semester (SS15) we will be teaching our usual courses AMOS, ARCH, and PROD. We will have 10 ECTS projects available for AMOS and ARCH, but not for PROD. We will post the project descriptions soon as we are nearing completion. If you are curious, you can already learn more about available projects on the StudOn sections of the courses.

All three courses are Master-level courses. For this coming summer semester, for the last time we will accept Bachelor students to support backwards compatibility, however, please be advised that these courses require performance on a Master student level. If you are a Bachelor student, you may want to delay participation until you started your Master’s degree.

Also, all our courses are available to all students across the engineering faculty, as well as IIS students. We welcome not only INF and IIS, but also MT, ME, CE, IUK, etc. students. In general, we are open to everyone who wants to take it, we simply may not have been able to figure out how to input this into UnivIS (yet).