Structure and Layout of Final Theses

This information is obsolete: Please visit our current information page.

All theses performed and submitted to our professorship should use the same formatting template, provided in this older blog post. The content structure of a final theses, beyond the formatting, however, depends on the type of thesis. There are at least the following four thesis types:

  • Research thesis. A research thesis should have two main chapters, a research chapter and an elaboration chapter, as explained in the template linked-to above.
  • Engineering thesis. An engineering thesis, going into details of the design and implementation of some artifact, should have the classic form of a final thesis.
  • Teaching case. A teaching case thesis has three main chapters: (a) The actual case, (b) the concepts chapter, and (c) the teaching guide for teaching the case.
  • Business case. A business case thesis should at its heart contain a business plan; typically we use the EXIST grant application template for this.

In any case, students should be discussing the structure of their final theses with their supervisor early on.