2015 AMOS Project Testimonial by Elektrobit GmbH

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH is an industry partner of ours and a repeat participant in the AMOS projects. In 2015, Elektrobit sponsored two projects, one on a car sharing service and one on a software engineering tool. The sponsors of the car sharing service write to us:

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH was an industry partner for the AMOS 2015 project “CroudTrip!”. We are a software company which focusses on the automotive market. Our software covers the whole range from driver assistance software to high end infotainment solutions. The idea behind CroudTrip! is that people can request rides without significant upfront planning and that drivers can offer seats in their cars for those rides. The system will then search for matches and bring passengers and drivers together.

We initiated the AMOS project to evaluate the CroudTrip! idea and to see what is possible. The team developed an app which handles the destination entry and the car offering. Additionally the team created a back-end server which matched the potential partners and performed the routing. The results achieved exceeded our expectations by far since a fully working prototype was the end result. After the project ended, the team was invited to a company internal faire to show their results and it got a lot of positive feedback.

Below, please find some photos from the AMOS team’s participation in the Elektrobit innovation faire.