Startupinformatik Testimonial by Have-you-been-here

We just received another Startupinformatik testimonial, this time by HYBH (Have You Been Here).

HYBH is a free social travel platform that allows users to create and share personal travel experiences. By using a unique recommendation system, every user can filter results based on recommendation of friends and individual preferences. Due to Prof. Riehle’s expertise, HYBH decided to pitch in front of his colloquium and received valuable feedback. Prof. Riehle provided HYBH with insight knowledge, with the support of Prof. Riehle, HYBH won the Elevator Pitch competition at Universität Bayreuth. The team will stay in touch wih Prof. Riehle and highly recommends any of his startup lectures.

Phillip Pham, Founder HYBH

Good luck, Phillip!