Final Thesis: Integrating Multiple Views In A Code System

Abstract: Mature requirements engineering is one of the key success factors of professional software development. This thesis proposes an approach that adapts core principles of qualitative data analysis, which is well established in social science, and transforms them into a holistic method for requirements analysis. Our method addresses the process steps between the analysis of the target domain and the generation of a requirements specification and different types of domain models. In particular, it aims at inherently providing a high degree of traceability by the institution of an additional artifact, the so-called code system. We state this code system to introduce significant advantages to the quality of requirements analysis with respect to systematics, documentation, maintainability and efficiency. The proposed approach features the direct deduction of different types of domain models out of the gathered domain knowledge and a substantial support for the development of a requirements specification.

Keywords: Domain Analysis, Domain Modeling, Qualitative Data Analysis, Requirements Engineering, Requirements Specification, QDAcity

PDFs: Diplomarbeit, Work Description

Reference: Florian Schmitt. Integrating Multiple Views In A Code System. Diplomarbeit, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2016.