Startupinformatik Testimonial by Sinnovate

We just received a Startupinformatik testimonial from Sinnovate, a local startup working on a software for kindergartens.

We offer a system for reservations in kindergartens which handles the whole process, starting from research, to inquiry, to the final accommodation of the child. Our vision is to give parents and educationalists more time for their children by not losing it in administration.

In 2015 we won the “STARTstipendium”, which is a sponsorship for the best start-ups in Nuremberg. In April 2016 we then founded our company “Sinnovate”.

The pitch during the colloquium was the first one clearly devoted to a financial focus. It was a very interesting and helpful experience to present our product not only to customers but also a “potential investor”. Especially the feedback by Prof. Riehle was very helpful for us to improve our presentation style.

For the team, Leonard Hohenbild

Good luck, guys!